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Our Services

Aboriginal Energy Solutions Inc. provides full preliminary front-end engineering design (pre-FEED), front-end engineering design (FEED), and detailed engineering design services. Our facility design philosophy focuses on anticipating future needs, minimizing capital expenditure and operating costs while maximizing reliability.

We build into every design a number of redundancies, but also maximize the use of facility equipment. Facility equipment is selected based on required performance and on the costs of maintenance and historic downtime. Our design team meets regularly with vendors to remain current of improvements to equipment and technologies.

A-ESI offers the following services:

Project Management

A-ESI has expertise in managing projects of various values and a range of complexities. Our project managers are skilled at coordinating multi-discipline teams and continuously monitoring progress and costs to ensure a high-quality outcome, on time and on budget.

Operational Readiness Assurance

The successful start-up of operations of any asset is best achieved with Operational Readiness Planning (“ORP”), ensuring that the operator's preparation and personnel deployment are optimal, and that the project's delivery is aligned with the owner's business plan.

Delivery and operating risks are minimized through A-ESI’s early planning, detailed operating plans, monitoring and enforcement of activities. We provide peace of mind to your stakeholders.

Our ORP services prepare the receiving entity to assume ownership and validate their capabilities to operate the asset.

Engineering Design

• Mechanical
• Civil & Structure
• Process
• Electrical Instrumentation & Controls

Aboriginal Relations

A-ESI conducts its business in a manner that respects the land, environment, rights and cultures of Aboriginal communities. A-ESI works with clients to improve Aboriginal strategy that best suits their organizations. Through a cooperative team approach, A-ESI will complement or lead the Aboriginal Relations process.

Principal Fields of Activity

• Gas Plants
• Gas Transmission & Gather Systems
• Well Pads
• Oil Batteries
• Construction Management
• ORA Support
• Regulatory Support
• High Voltage
• Power Generation
• High Voltage Transmission Systems