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Why Aboriginal Energy Solutions Inc.

What sets A-ESI apart from our competitors is our people. We have the talent, discipline and flexibility to bring any challenge to reality. With our combined experience and lessons learned from across industry, we can help our clients realize their investment with our ability to collaborate and integrate teams across disciplines and organizations, from engineering and construction to operations and maintenance. We understand the intricacies of the value chain and can help our clients unlock the potential in their investments!

Aboriginal Energy Solutions Inc.(“A-ESI”) is dedicated to delivering cost effective solutions for our clients. A-ESI – offers a collaborative team approach to each challenge ensuring the end result meets the needs of the customer.

At A-ESI, overall delivery and services offered, are governed by our rooted principles in safety, quality, environment and social responsibility.

We possess broad expertise in all engineering and project management services necessary for Engineering, design, procurement, construction and optimum operation of oil and gas processing facilities. The ingenuity of our people with our integrated in-house drafting and procurement abilities ensure delivery to the field is efficient and correct the first time.

As an Aboriginal-owned corporation, Aboriginal Energy Solutions Inc. is dedicated to building capacity for Aboriginal people and communities. We focus our efforts on education, through scholarships and training, and direct business management services. Our goal is to help Aboriginal communities gain the knowledge in areas that they wish to develop.


A-ESI ensures that proper education and certification of its employees and contractors is maintained and updated to meet ever-evolving industry standards. The commitment to A-ESI’s safety program is a company-wide practice and involvement is required from owners, employees and contractors.


A-ESI’s Quality Management Program (QMP) ensures high quality products and services to our clients on a consistent basis.


A-ESI is committed to social responsibility. The foundation of our company is premised on trust, honesty and integrity. These canons apply to all members of society and are focused on Aboriginal people. Our owners, managers and employees each contribute to achieving our goal of building Aboriginal capacity. It is our commitment to which we will always adhere.